What's That? New Content?

Why yes, yes it is. Earlier today (technically yesterday when this post goes live) I added a new section to my site. For a while now I’ve been maintaining my 365 Design Blog over on Tumblr. It’s a fantastic system for me to manage that much content both quickly and easily. Unfortunately it’s not so fantastic, in my experience, is the ability to find posts at a later date.

For the most part, this isn’t much of a problem, as a lot of the stuff I work on is revisited later and is viewable as a result. This isn’t the case with everything however. There are several pieces of code that I have produced and I’ve meant to revisit at points, but simply never have have the time to trawl through everything I’ve put up here to re-visit them.

Something Old & Something New

Today sees a new section being kinda added here on my portfolio. It’s currently not listed anywhere in the navigation, whilst I try to determine how best to add it in, but people have been able to visit some of the content it provides previously. So what have I added? I’ve shifted my demos from a folder of my site and integrated them much better into my site’s design, adding them as a custom post type, which affords me a better control over things. This means that people can check out some of the code I’ve produced sporadically without having to go hunting it down, much like visitors to my site don’t have to hunt down my Portfolio.

I’ll be playing about with how best to add this new section into my site, but for those of you that are reading about it here, you can view my my code demonstrations here. Hope you like what you find in the new section, I hope to be adding to it a bit more in the near future. Enjoy!