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I dislike keeping useful knowledge a secret, and make a point of trying to showcase as much of it as possible. What use is knowledge, if you don’t share it?

To that end, I have created this site to share my thoughts on design and development. My journal will contain tutorials, thoughts and inspiration about the processes I work with. My recommendations are for apps and software that I believe could be useful to my readers. And finally, my experiments are bits and pieces of work I have created that I want to share with the masses.

By sharing the best work we do, we can improve on the standards of design and development, benefitting everyone.

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Industry Conference 2013

Posted on by David Turner

Industry Conference 2013

The last few days have been quite the journey for me. It was my first time in Newcastle, my first time attending any conference aside from Build, and the first time being involved with sponsoring an event. So many new experiences for me in such a short period of time, with high quality talks over the course of the day, but it was great to spend time talking with people about Get Invited. I loved it.

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Posted on by David Turner


Pronto is a rather awesome little jQuery plugin I’ve just implemented in my site. In the words of the plugin’s author, Ben Plum:

Using a “partial page load” technique, Pronto reduces the over all server load and font-end render time by only updating pieces of a page instead of the entire document.

The initial setup can be a bit fiddly, but I’ve found it to be pretty smooth sailing once it’s all set up. Well worth checking out.

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jQuery Show of Slides Plugin

Posted on by David Turner

When it comes to code for projects that I’m working on, nothing annoys me more than code bloat. All too often people will grab a plugin to complete a single task, which is in and of itself fine, until you realise that the codebase encompasses much more than the functionality that you need, and results in a bulky collection of files and code being tagged onto a site needlessly.

Increasingly I find myself writing my own plugins to accomplish goals, each being coded to achieve a single thing well, rather than trying to do many things at once. It’s easier to use multiple plugins than it is to rip code out of a single plugin. That is the reason that both my isEmpty and Select plugins exist. Today I am adding my Show of Slides Plugin to that list.

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